Sunday, March 29, 2015

"What is this feeling? So sudden and new" That is the phrase/lyrics from Wicked that has been running around in my brain all week! I’m just trying to soak everything in but it’s not soaking! I just feel like I want to jump out of my skin! I have these spurts of stress energy that make me go wild and crazy because I don’t know what to do with myself. Ha-ha you can ask Sister Mineer about all the craziness that’s happened. I wonder what she thinks about me... Anyways, last week was a blast and today was filled with a good study this morning with a Christ statue! We got permission to study on a mountain for my last p day and it was so amazing. It was bittersweet to look out at the city, seeing what I’m leaving behind, but I had Christ right there with me to see it with me. He's always there!

For our last meeting with the bishopric, wait for it...... we ate...  보신탕 (dog soup).  It was tasty! It tasted like beef but a slightly different tinge to the taste. Interesting. The counselor said that after you eat it you'll be able to communicate to the dogs on the streets for three days... he's horrible!  

We made one meal at the house this week. Let’s just say that we were either super busy travelling and couldn’t eat, or we were at a meal appointment and almost dying with all the food! We were happy on the days we were travelling :) I’ve eaten more food in my life! But hey I’m grateful because all the food has been delicious! We ate jellyfish too! 

This email is all over the place but I just wanted to share something that I learned while I was on the mountain this morning with Sister Mineer and the Savior. We all know that we have the potential to become like Christ and Heavenly Father. 3nephi 27:27. Well to those members or missionaries or people preparing for a mission who don’t feel like they have a strong testimony or don’t know what to look for, seek to become like Christ and The Father. Know that you want to be "even as He is" If That is your goal, That is a powerful testimony because it signifies that you believe in Christ and have a testimony of Him, that you are willing to follow Him, , desire to be A Christ like missionary or member. You will obey Him, You will follow Him, You will Love him, and you will know Him. I think those who desire to be a Christ like Person have a strong testimony. 
I know we can become like Him because He lives!

Sister Wright

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